Elon is Bloodline. The Great Deceiver?

Excellent research, as always. Much appreciated

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Elon Musk is bloodline. Not only is he bloodline but he is in the very inner circle of bloodline, brought up and trained for a specific job in the end times that we are now a part of.

Just before I get into the meat of the article, I will point out that since last blogging on wordpress I have blogged 3 posts on substack.

2022 Apr 9 Substack Foxyfox Newsletter 1. Community Social Media – Odysee[21]

2022 Apr 15 Substack Foxyfox Newsletter Lara Logan on Child Trafficking[22]

2022 Apr 23 Substack Foxyfox Newsletter 2. Community Social Media – Bastyon[23]

Often now I will also post first on substack even if I am posting elsewhere, as technically it can work better that way. 2022 Apr 29 Substack Foxyfox Newsletter Elon is Bloodline. The Great Deceiver? [24]

In line with my experimenting and supporting community social media, and…

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Cali Shai Bergandi (I Lack Eyes)

This is shocking interview even by the standards of illuminati abuse… It will take me too long to extract information from it, but I have included the autotranscript and there can be subtitles on the screen… It takes courage to give your story like Cali (Claire Walker) has done and also congratulations to Emma on […]

Cali Shai Bergandi (I Lack Eyes)

NL3 Official State Whistleblower Huig Plug Jailed by Dutch Pedophile Network

The Netherlands power elite pedophile Network are targeting whistleblowers who try to expose them. This time whistleblower Huig Plug jailed with pathetic excuses for incarceration.

NL3 Official State Whistleblower Huig Plug Jailed by Dutch Pedophile Network